Welcome to BoxAdz

We offer you a digital advertising campaign in multiple high traffic flow locations where your advert is displayed to a captive audience in several locations, for one fantastic price.

The potential customer base covers thousands of people from all walks of life. This people include:
Business, self employment, local trades, housewives, retired/pensioners, homeowners, vehicle owners, parents, and so on.

Our advertisers report immediate results due to the selected locations and large audience.

Quick Statistics:

  • At least of one 20 second advert every 20 mins
  • 3 impressions every hour
  • Over 100 impressions per day across a network
  • Over 600 impressions per week
  • Over 2,500 impressions per month

All this from under €1 a day!


We offer various packages to suit any budget.

High Impact

All eyes will be drawn to YOUR advert.

Quick Results

Our advertisers report immediate results thanks to the large audience and professional advert design.

20 Seconds

We offer 20 second adverts at fixed prices, however if you need more time, we can offer you a custom package to suit your needs.


Easily display your seasonal offers or your services to attract more customers.


We design your advert to a high quality to ensure that your business is portayed in the best possible light.


For a small fee we can update your advert as often as every month to keep your advert fresh and appealing.


Compare our prices to any alternative form of advertising(newspaper, radio, etc) and you will find that our prices are very competitive.