What if I want to change my advert?

That’s fine! You will have the opportunity to change your advert up to once each month for a small fee. We need the details of what changes you require around the 15th of the month before you want the changes to take effect. If we receive the changes too late then the changes won’t be made until the following month.

How often will people see my advert?

Our statistics are based on your advert being shown at the very least, once every 20 minutes, or 3 times every hour. In reality it will be shown more often than this, but once every 20 minutes is the absolute maximum time between showings. Based on your advert being shown 3 times an hour, over a 12 hour day, that’s 36 showings per day. Each network has a different number of screens, but the minimum is 3, based on 3 screens that’s 108 times your avert will show each day across the whole network, 648 per 6-day week and 2,592 per month. A bargain at less than a euro a day!

How long will my advert be?

Our rates are based on a 20 second advert, although this is the minimum, we can give you a custom quote for a 30, 40 or even 60 second advert. The only thing to remember is that we don’t want viewers to get bored of the advert, so it should only be longer if there is some animation and more content giving people more to look at.

Can I design my own advert?

Due to strict quality control to ensure that all adverts are to the highest quality we have a highly qualified designer working with us to provide all our advertisers with the best chance of attracting new customers. Please see our Rates page for information on the cost to have a new advert designed.